There are a lot of providers who sell Domain names. There are thousands of websites selling Domains. Some even Fly-by-Night Operators. There are many Good Providers as well. But we make it a point to always recommend users to not move away from the Best Domain Name Providers below

We List The Best Domain Name Providers

The Good: HOVER

We always use HOVER for all our registrations. It comes with the Free WHOIS Privacy Guard. Unlike GoDaddy and NameCheap It doesn’t sell everything. It sells only Domains and Email. The Interface is Clean and Modern. You won’t get lost surfing the Website. And to all those who think Godaddy is Cheap or NameCheap is Cheap. In the end, the cost of ownership over a period of 2 to 3 years ends up being the same at either.


GODADDY is very infamous in the Domain Registration Industry. But still, people prefer to buy It. We Included it in this list just to make our users aware. Please always check your Cart before Checkout. GoDaddy upsells a lot and will probably end up adding things in your cart you don’t need. We are also not fans of GoDaddy Security Products and GoDaddy Hosting.


While I have used NAMECHEAP in the past, I am not sure how it performs these days. I do however use it if I ever need 3rd Party SSL Certificates as Hover does not sell SSL.

The Winner:

That’s it for this guide. Make sure to always choose your poison wisely.

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