10 Domain Ideas That Work

With the number of websites on the internet today, it’s pretty difficult to get the right/exact domain name you need. Yet, it’s very important to pick the best possible domain name that suits your needs. It requires a good amount of thought put behind it. The name of the domain would be the name of your brand, choose wisely. Here is our list of 10 Domain Ideas that work

1) .COM is the way to go

When you decide on a website, you will get hundreds of options to pick from. Ranging from .org to .net, .info, and so on. But .com is the easiest to remember and is most widely used. People have become way too familiar with .com No matter what site you make they would automatically assume its .com

2) Creative Name

Branding is the key ingredient in the long run. The key to making a domain name brandable is to make it unique, easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and make it sound like it’s serious business! If you noticed, google, youtube such websites are not really a word. They made them up, but now the name has its own brand and uniqueness to It.

3) Appropriate Names

A lot of times when we need to decide on our Domain name, We go all out. Example:Teacherstalking.org: Yes you read it right. Teachersstalking.org WAIT WHAT? This is an example of a bad unwanted long Domain name. It is supposed to be ‘Teachers-talking.org’ But due to the actual name, it will misdirect people. A smart name would ‘TeacherTalk’ or ‘TTalking’ Another one for gags Choosespain.com Sometimes names have weird meanings, Which is not good for your domain’s reputation.

4) Short and sweet

Aim to keep a name that is short and sweet, Which would make it easy for people to remember. Example: let’s just say you start a milk company and you are based in Poland, You would rather put your brand name like ‘milkery.com’ instead of ‘POLANDSBESTMILKEVER.COM’ The second name is a good choice if u wanna be on the list of those gag websites, and would want people to not take you or your brand Seriously.

5) Check for copyright

Whenever you pick your domain name be careful about not taking something which is already used by a major brand. This might create some serious legal issues. It’s best to do a quick google/bing research before you register your domain name to check for already registered companies with the same name.

6) No Hyphens or Numbers

It’s best to stick to the alphabet only A-Z. Even though adding numbers and hyphens surely might seem tempting it really isn’t worth it. Adding either of those Adds an extra character to the domain name. It even makes it difficult to pronounce correctly and Harder to advertise through word of mouth. It’s already hard getting people to remember a name. Adding extra barriers will do nothing but hurt you in the long run.

7) Trustworthy Domain Registrar

Since there are so many providers out there we tend to get confused about which to pick, especially when they offer such cheap tempting deals. But, The problem with getting something which isn’t trustworthy is that you have no guarantee if your domain would stay active throughout the period you have paid for, or die in between. when your website’s brand is already established and losing the domain would mean trouble.

Some Domain registrars you can check out.






8) Set Your Domain to Auto-Renew

It’s always a good idea to do so. Once your brand picks up, you won’t have the time to check for the next renewal date, and in case your miss it, your domain would be gone, and if you’re really out of luck someone might just buy the domain name. Leaving you nowhere.

9) Enable Domain ID Protection

For those seeking privacy, this is something you should consider. If anyone was to look upon your domain name will easily be able to scoop out your personal contact details. Under ICANN rules(The organization that regulates domain names) they state that all domain names must have publicly viewable contact information assigned to them. This includes all your personal information(Name, Address, phone number, and email) Why give out your information when you can secure it like this. Note: It is a chargeable service(all domain registrars offer this)

10) Register your Social Media pages with the same name as your Domain.

Social media is King nowadays, Whether you like it or not. There is a very high chance that people would cross-check your social media page to see how active you are and how genuine your company is. This is one of the main reasons you need to have your professional profile setup on all popular social media platforms.

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