How To Make Money Online With CeosHub

For traders, farmers and craftsmen who are into the production, manufacturing and creative industry, you will agree with me that having access to a big market is one key factor to be considered when starting out.   This is the internet age where for anything to sell fast and far, it must be on the […]

Lagos State Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Agriculture ) has promised to include CEOs’ HUB into LCCI Integrated Agriculture Project (LIAP)

Lagos State Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Agriculture ) has promised to include CEOS HUB into LCCI Integrated Agriculture Project (LIAP), a platform that brings agricultural value chain stakeholders together. Funded by USAID.. This was announced by the President of CEOs’ Hub who had a telephone meet up with the Chairman of LCCI Agriculture, […]

CEOs’ Hub ventures into Agriculture as it Introduces CH Farms

Unveiling of The CH FARMS. On the 4th of June, 2016 The President of the CEOs’ Hub announced the launch of a new venture of CEOs’ Hub “THE CH FARMS” Under the auspices of CEOs’ Hub Co-operative Society LTD. The hub acquired 3 Hectares (66plots) of Land by lease. It will be used to help […]

CEOs’ Hub gets Nigerian Government’s Endorsement

On the 1st of June 2016, the President of Ceos’ Hub Mr. Dada Stephen was accompanied by Mr. Ifeanyi Chidi and Mr. Ayo Ilesanmi to the Nigerian Presidential Villa, Aso Rock, Abuja,  to have a meeting with the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Job Creation and Youth Employment; Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede who’s also […]

Business Model Canvas – How to draft a good one

Business Model Canvas (BMC) is one of tools used by Businesses to map their processes. It gives an overall structure of the Inputs, Outputs and other key factors that are linked with your Business. Generally a Business Model Canvas is drafted during the planning stages of the Business. It changes as your business progresses. The […]

Marketing for Startups

Marketing for Startups is always one of the key points that determines the growth of a Startup. Obviously, when you are a startup you don’t have a lot of cash to burn. Hence you have to be conservative with what you spend your money on. Nitin Mukadam the Mentor / Strategy Advisor to had […]

Startup: How to raise Capital

Startup & Entrepreneurs always face one common problem; CASH and unfortunately, it always appears as if this cash always end up in the hands of the wrong person. That notwithstanding, most of the greatest business icons we have in the world today started business with close to nothing. How on earth did they do it?!